Enjoy Peace of Mind


Welcome to the serenity of Cobblestone Creek, where peaceful living is not just a concept, but a way of life.

Our residents share not only the beauty of our landscapes but also a sense of connection that makes our community a haven of tranquility. As owners in the community, you are also members of our homeowners association, you’ve just become an integral part of a community that values unity, warmth, and shared experiences.

Your contribution to the homeowners association ensures the continued beauty of our common areas and the maintenance of our unique amenities. We encourage you to engage with your fellow residents, participate in community events, and let the spirit of Cobblestone Creek become a welcoming backdrop to your daily life.

Here, you’re not just homeowners; you’re valued members of a community that cares.
Welcome home to Cobblestone Creek!

Features Maintained by the HOA:

HOA Obligations Map

HOA Fees

Fees are estimated at $152/year + GST and are collected annually.


The HOA provides an opportunity for residents’ input into future amenities and events in their community and serves as a vehicle to preserve and enhance the overall value of the community.